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I can't download demo version of an EA

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Jilles Leuven
Jilles Leuven 2016.05.17 10:58 


I want to test an EA before I am going to buy. However nothing happens when I click the button... 
[link deleted by moderator]

No matter MT4 is open or isn't...............
What's the reason why I can't download this demo version?

Please, can somebody assist me with this, I appreciate.

Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz 2016.05.17 11:23  

Try the next things:

  • Disable firewall and antivirus
  • Open platform as administrator
  • Both above
I had similar problem did that and worked if still not work submit a ticket at service desk.

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2016.05.17 13:35  

Also if you select 'save file as' you have to go to the download location/folder and then right click on the item and choose properties, then see if 'open with' is routed to MetaTrader Application.

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