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Few comments and suggestions on Strategy tester

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Hi metaquotes and others, 

let me share some comments and suggestions:


1) One of great improvements of the MT5 is the OnTester() function which gives you a possibility to define your own fitness function of population,

and thereby target the population in desired direction.

However, this could be accomplished by changing the void DeInit() to double Deinit(). So why introducing of another 'method'?

2) In the cache directory, the entire tested population with all results and variables is stored. Which is GREAT.


a) if you have it on a disk, why are the optimization results and graph lost after restarting of MT5?

b) no link to it. I have to search disk structure to access it.

c) it is deleted after next run, and it would be really good to have some history. Yes, it is large. I don't care.

d) I want to be able to load this file in optimization results (to recheck some previous tests)

e) Why is it not possible to have some values out of it in optimization results (optimization results are shortened version of this table). I really need the Balance Drawdown Relative (%) value. I am using it massively.

f) I have a routine in DeInit() which stores some values not present in your calculations in a separate csv file. It would be great, if i could include this information in this cache table, and have stored all in one file. Just like the OnTester() result is present in 'custom' column.


3)  When a position is closed by a SL or TP, the closing deal doesn't have a magic value. Shouldn't it have the magic from the position, i.e. the magic of deal that opened the position?


4) Debugger in Strategy Tester. What are you waiting for? Can i help? And please solve the #552831  ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE bug i reported ASAP.


I have more comments, but this is enough for start.


BR, Graziani 

Achmad Hidayat
Achmad Hidayat  
Great and very good evaluation. I hope metaquotes response that.

Moses Olawale  Ajayi
Moses Olawale Ajayi  

Yes, it is a very great evaluation indeed.
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