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LEE Chun Wing
LEE Chun Wing 2010.04.24 09:38 

how to code multi-currency EA?

what is the sentence?

do I need to do something special ? 


lee 2010.04.24 13:51  

hi, Kelly,

  i Guess make a single-currency EA will do more , compare with milti-cur

 milti-cur EA don't need to do anything, but in single cur EA

u need to specific enterMarket only if Symbol == "your_wanna_currency", e.g. eurusd 

if u don't specific the currency, all currency (including futures,stocks) will enter to the market , when your ea condition is true 

it just my guessing ,i am not fimiliar with mql5~~

Bogdan Caramalac
Bogdan Caramalac 2010.04.24 15:00  


Multicurrency (or better said multiasset) EAs can be done in MT4 too ; they just can't be backtested there ; MT5 will be able to backtest multiasset EAs, when tester will be done.



No, multiasset EAs are quite the way. Should have been for a long time if that backtester would have been able to test them. Lots of smart strategies are multiasset - all kind of arbitrages and quite all option trading. I can barely wait to see MT5 completed with both Strategy Tester and Option Trading. It should rock then... 

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