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Which type of account is better for copying signal, standard account or true ECN?

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WinnerDuan 2016.04.25 13:58 

Hello everyone, I  am newbie here and ask a very basic question.

I already opened a new account at [deleted by moderator] and plan to copy [deleted by moderator] as soon as possible. The [deleted by moderator] provides two types of accounts “standard” and “true ECN”. I am not sure which one is better to be used for copying the signals. As I know, ECN is generally better than standard, but when just watching at MT4 platform it seems that digital changes much quicker and also with larger amplitude in ECN than in standard. I am afraid that ECN may bring larger slippage than standard. Which one should I use? Thanks!

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.04.25 14:21  
You can read this FAQ to find the reply (or use same broker/account type with the signal for example ...).
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