Vertical text below and above candle simultaneously

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Dawid Ciechowski
Dawid Ciechowski  

hello :)

I have a question :) how to set a vertical text below and above candle simultaneously? I would like to have the name of the pattern below and above signal bar (like here: ), but I don't know how to do it...


if (C==O)

         if (Display_Doji== true) {  

            ObjectCreate(PatternText[shift], OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[shift1], Low[shift1] - Range*2.5);

            ObjectSetText(PatternText[shift], "Neutral", 8, "Calibri", White);

            ObjectSetDouble(ChartID(), PatternText[shift], OBJPROP_ANGLE, 90);

            ObjectSetInteger(ChartID(), PatternText[shift], OBJPROP_ANCHOR, ANCHOR_BOTTOM);

            upArrow[shift1] = Low[shift1] - Range*0.5;

            downArrow[shift1] = High[shift1] + Range*0.5;


         if (shift == 0 && Show_Alert == true) {

            pattern="Neutral Signal";

            setalert = 1;



how the code should look like?  thanks in advance for your help ;) 

Vladimir Karputov
Vladimir Karputov  

Please, insert a code on a forum correctly.

The script places the text below and the higher than bar which you set:

Step 1 




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