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on the basis of what traders choose which trading signal to copy?

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Diego Bonifacio
Diego Bonifacio 2016.04.14 09:29 
I personally give special attention to the drawdown!!!

It is fundamental for me, because it makes me realize the goodness of trading strategy in place

the crescità is the last thing I look at, because this is misleading !!!

what I have noticed is that many have too much haste to make profit, this inexorably leads to very heavy losses

rather the one who pays is the patience !!!

This allows you to have a steady monthly return !!!

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.14 23:39  

Downdrawns is the key. Try also looking at the numbers pairs traded and percentage of growth monthly.

You should have opened a poll to this kind of question. :D 

Alexandr Saprykin
Alexandr Saprykin 2016.04.15 00:43  
The combination of reasonable drawdown, and good profit
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