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tripple stochastic with alert after certain sequence

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Hi, I would like to somebody create Indicator for mt4 or maybe sombody already has something alike it!


Idea of indicator is based on 3 stochastic indicators combined in one with alert !


Basically  it has to be created from 3 stochastic "signal "line (the red one on regular stochastic)that values  and colors must be manually adjustable!


Plus one more very important feature it must have is alert only after certain crossover sequence!

if previously determined crossover dont happen - no alert!


for example:

think of 3 stochastic lines

-slow-medium -fast


for buy alert

medium line crosses above slow line(which is oversold) and fast line crosses medium upwards while medium line is above slow line! if medium crosses back below  and fast crosses it- no signal!


for sell alert- slow line is overbought- moving down, medium line crosses below  slow line .

and  while medium line is below slow  -fast line crosses medium downwards-alert happens!

 alert must happen only if previous criteria is met!


if more info needed ask- and ill send pic of example where the alert must happen!


Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz  
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