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how to make file log update

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memouz76 2016.03.31 23:51 

Hi there

 I have an indicator that give me alerts (BUY and SELL). its in ex4 format. I tried to Auto trade with these alerts and the only way I found it for that is making the expert advisor reading the log file from the Terminal folder.

but the problem now is : the log file not updating till to restart the Terminal.

is there any way to get log file updated immediately  . or any body know where the new logs information be saved before restart the terminal?

or any body have another idea to trade with indicator alerts. 

thank you 

Stanislav Korotky
Stanislav Korotky 2016.04.02 23:02  

Indicator should normally contain buffers which correspond to the alert signals. If this is the case, use them from EA for automatic trading.

Logs are cached in memory and there are no means for flushing them programmatically, so you can't read them in real time. The only workaround could be based on Windows system programming to monitor the window with alerts. Some people made such a kind of MT automation in past, for example, for chart refreshes or other tasks (see this article).

The proper way though is to contact the indicator author and ask him for an updated version of the indicator.

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