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Experts: Arbitrage

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The multi-currency arbitrage tactics.

The necessary arbitrage does not require explanation. In this case a similar strategy is proposed. The difference is that in the real arbitrage the trades are performed only when there is a profitable price difference between the commodity and the exchange contracts. And in this case the difference is based only on the exchange contracts.

The idea of the strategy is simple. that is:

  • If the price is low, they buy cheap. Moreover, the lower the price dropped, the greater the volume to buy.
  • If the price is high, then sell dear. The higher the price rose, the greater the volume to sell.

This results in a typical counter-trend strategy with all the ensuing consequences. And the only consequences is that when using this strategy to trade a single pair, the profit can be received from the rollbacks or trend reversals, and also from all flats and ranges. The rest of the time, that is during trends, there is nothing but equity losses to receive.

Here is a typical example of testing such strategy:

Author: Yury Reshetov

vishal kumar
vishal kumar  

How its close the order 

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