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Financial operations are blocked

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Chatpong Kumpangtong
Chatpong Kumpangtong 2016.03.14 01:35 

Last week there is system message to me in the service desk menu. 



I have found out that financial operations on my account have been blocked.

...add some details concerning the problem...

Could you please resolve the situation and unlock the financial operations?

Best regards, Chatpong Kumpangtong. 



I try to sent my picture by comment under message for many times but my account status is still blocked. I ask where I have to sent my files.  No one answer me. Now my followers cannot subscribe my signal for many day.  Please check this for me. THank you. 

Ales Vidergar
Ales Vidergar 2016.03.14 07:39  
I looked at your signals, they should be happy that this happened or they would loose all their capital while you would profit from their subscriptions fees. 
Syarif Nur Arief
Syarif Nur Arief 2016.03.14 20:04  
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