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Does Scalping EAs work just in Backtest or also live?

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UserMQLSite 2016.02.20 11:46 


i have code a EA for MT5 which show me good backtests and i dont know if such EAs only can work in backtest or also in live market.

I always hear and read from other people that they say scalping EAs just work in backtest and thats why i dont know if it brings somethink to continue testing it or if it will be just time waisting.

On a Demo account i have stop the test just after 1 and half day, because it was not showing me more win then loose and now i am thinking abouth the idea, i dont know if that was to fast to stop the test or if i was not happy with the situation that it is a demo account and not live account. Now i am thinking abouth the EA and strategy if it brings somethink to continue testing or if it will be just time waisting because other people always say scalping EAs dont work.

I would like to hear from some other people here what they think abouth this, i have attach my backtests and i am giving some infos abouth the strategy.

The EA opens a order when a breakout in a direction happen and he use a stoploss and traillingstop to manage the trade.

The rules are very simpel like you see.

What would you do when the EA would be yours, would you try to continue testing it or does it no bring somethink to test scalping EAs because they can not work?

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Lorraine Pierce
Lorraine Pierce 2016.02.20 23:16  

If it doesn't do good in a forward test on demo, then why do you think it would do good live?

Forward testing is always better than back testing.


Just my humble opinion



UserMQLSite 2016.02.21 14:18  

Because i think demo account is not same like live account.

I have see scalping EAs which work on Demo accounts only, that scalping EAs show very big wins, they are like high frequency trading EAs which make 100 dollar to 1000 in one day and websites try to sell such EAs, but in live market they dont work.

Thats why i dont trust such demo account forward test.

If i could have a MT5 live account i could try it there. I dont have so much money at moment for a MT5 live account.

I have make my last forward test on a demo account and just 1 and half day, if i could have a MT5 live account and i let it run 1 - 2 weeks that would show better somethink.

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