How do i open a support ticket?

Stuart Browne  
24037954 ferris:
My charts are resetting every week and i have to redo them its driving me nuts... using iphone app
Look for the service desk link, left menu of your profile page

My iphone app is also crashing every week and even losing my broker accounts. You can send the crash log direct from your app. Go to settings->Journal and click the mail icon top right
Praise Tochukwu Ugochukwu  
Pls this developer is not a good person he knows nothing but claims to know I paid him and he takes time to deliver after delivering I test it on strategy tester but could not get the full test then I told him will check in real demo live account he agreed if I noticed any issues he will fix then I paid and now I have test in live demo account ea is useless and not as I said 100% useless I have work with different developers here I have never seen such person pretending to know but he doesn’t I chat him asking him to fix the ea he only read my message replied once that he will check and fix it that I need to pay another amount using USDTTrc20 I refuse  till now he abandoned it I believe he is off to another victim is upto 2 days no word from him I had to delete my review I gave him sincerely he knows nothing just acting like a third party  below is his link

Check screenshot below to see his reply after wasting much time when he started updating it I was thinking he is done with the update but his reply was that he just figured out how to update my ea 🤦🏻 Then wasted more 1 day and sent wort update I have lost $40 for nothing my only consign is to ban him because he will do to another person i even saw another bad review from different client on his wall so I believe he knows nothing in programming