Code to Reference the Experts Log Folder with PostMessageW



I'm working with the WinAPI functions and I want my code to open the folder containing the Experts Log.

Does anyone know the code to use in PostMessageW to reference the Experts Log?

Does a list of these codes and their commands exist anywhere? 


I have a script (below) that will do this with the Journal folder using code "33101" - I need to find the corresponding code to Experts Log.


#include <WinUser32.mqh>

#import "user32.dll"
  int GetAncestor(int hWnd, int gaFlags);
//| script program start function                                    |
void start()
  int hwnd = GetAncestor(WindowHandle(Symbol(),Period()),2); // find the Terminal handle no.
  PostMessageW(hwnd,WM_COMMAND ,33101,0); // open the folder contains the log files
  while (FindIfDirOpened() == 0) // check if the folder opened
   PostMessageW(FindIfDirOpened(), WM_CLOSE, 0, 0); //close the folder

int FindIfDirOpened()
   string log = "logs";
   string i;
   int handle = FindWindowW(i ,log);

how can i auto update expert log file when terminal is runing 
i have an idea which is open expert log folder from right click on expert toolbox(terminal) and click on open >> then log file(yyyy:mm:dd) get updated

and i wrote it with python 
# !pip install pyautogui
# !pip install datetime
import requests
import pyautogui

import time
from datetime import datetime

def TelegramBot(post): 
        Token = 'tokennnnnnnnnn'
        ID = 'iddddddddddd'
        url = '' + Token + '/sendMessage?text=' + post + '&chat_id=' + ID 

while True:
    timee ='%Y%m%d')
    # print(timee)'right',x=130 , y=317) , 330 )


    lines = []
    meta_path = 'C:/Users/
pathhhhhh /MQL5/Logs/'
    with open(meta_path+timee+'.log' ) as f:

        lines = f.readlines()
        print("all len >  ",len0)
        if before_len==-1 or before_len > len0: before_len=len0 
        if len0 >0 and len0 > before_len:
            for x in range(before_len, len0, 1):
                tttxt= lines[x]
                text0= tttxt.split("\t")
                if len(text0) > 1:
                    #for x in range(2, len(text0), 1):

                    text1= text0[2].encode().decode('utf-8')+text0[3].encode().decode('utf-8')+ text0[4].encode().decode('utf-8')

                    print("     if     ",x , "     ", text0[4])
                    print("else     ",x)



now I want the file to be updated without clicking
Language code does not matter

any idea can help🌹🌹🌹
gopok87350 #: how can i auto update expert log file when terminal is runing

You don't because of caching. Stop trying.