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Period Converter stop working after restart mt4?

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Luiz Fernando
Luiz Fernando 2016.01.07 17:37 

Hello, i saw one problem here on period converter and i dont know how i can fix this...

 When i restart my Mt4, i need to run again the script on each chart what i run the period converter...

 Have way for me when close and open again the mt4 its automatic run the script?


Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2016.01.08 01:11  

Hello, the script is run manually, it needs to be launching in the graph.

When executed soon after it shuts down.

Mql5 Reference. 

Script is a program for a single execution of an action. Unlike Expert Advisors, scripts do not handle any event except for trigger, initialization and deinitialization. A script code must contain the OnStart handler function.
Scripts are stored in <Terminal_DIrectory>\MQL5\Scripts.
Atsushi Yamanaka
Atsushi Yamanaka 2016.01.11 20:57
Period Converter Optimized
Period Converter Optimized
  • votes: 12
  • 2005.11.29
  • wfy05
Improved period converter support real-time refreshing, low CPU cost and other features.
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