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GetData returns "invalid buffer" from MACD Indicator

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Peter Schnuerer
Peter Schnuerer 2012.07.04 21:15 


Im working on my frist Expert , based in the CExpertSignal.

Im trying to access data from the MACD Indocator, that is located in  "Examples\\MACD.ex5".

The OnInit() method of MACD.mq5 in "Indicators\\Examples" says:

//--- indicator buffers mapping

Therefore I would expext to access data of the ExtMacdBuffer und ExtSignalBuffer as follows.

   double            MACDLine(const int index)             const { return(m_MACD.GetData(0, index)); }
   double            MACDSignal(const int index)           const { return(m_MACD.GetData(1,index)); }


   //--- For operation with ticks idx=0, for operation with formed bars idx=1
   int idx=StartIndex();

   //--- Values of MAs at the last formed bar
   double last_MACD_value=MACDLine(idx);
   double last_MACDSignal_value=MACDSignal(idx);


But access works only for the first Buffer (ExtMacdBuffer) while any attempt to access the second Buffer (ExtSignalBuffer) throws a "CIndicator::GetData: invalid buffer" error.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Peter

Peter Schnuerer
Peter Schnuerer 2012.07.05 23:59  

OK - I found it:

Aftrer creation of the MACD-Indicator, I just needed to change

   //--- Number of buffers
   if(!m_MACD.NumBuffers(1)) return(false);


   //--- Number of buffers
   if(!m_MACD.NumBuffers(2)) return(false); 

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