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OnChartEvent in Strategy Tester

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heelflip43 2012.06.28 16:30 
My question is, is there any way of having chart events in strategy tester? I'm trying to create a order management panel, but when I open up to strategy tester the Chart events aren't being processed. I tried it with a simple EA of just having a print statement in the OnChartEvent but nothing got printed. Is there any work around for this?
Julius Vaitkevicius
Julius Vaitkevicius 2015.03.01 05:57  

I see in two years nobody has answered your question.

Ten minutes ago I posted a similar question "An issue with CHART_EVENT_OBJECT_CREATE in Strategy Tester".

It also seems that the guys on the page "Strategy Tester get events from other charts" are saying that there issues with Chart Events in tester. 

I also tried to figure this out in the section "Event Handling in the Tester", but that didn't clear up my mind. 

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