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Simply add ema from a basic iMA function.

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Alex 2012.06.25 19:09 

I need your help :)
I'm taking the first steps to learn MQL5 lenguage and just to see 2 simple Ema on my backtest's chart is a great problem :(

Starting whit iMA function :


what i need to do to add a new ema whit different parameters?

Naturally without any kind of trade signal or other things ... just to see the two ema on the same chart.


Rly Thx



Documentation on MQL5: Technical Indicators / iMA
Technical Indicators / iMA - Documentation on MQL5
onewithzachy 2012.06.25 19:31  

This section is for EA, delete you post, move it here

All you have to do is copy paste by the way, and there's plenty of it in code base 

LOL - this is my comment number 1010 

MQL5 forum: Technical Indicators
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