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Rodrigo Souza
Rodrigo Souza 2015.12.19 17:54 

Good Morning, does anyone knows where can i download historical data for pairs USDJPY, USDCHF and AUDUSD?

I need to conduct some optimizations, and my broker does not source these historical intraday 1 minute OHLC data. 

Is there somewhere that i can download this data?


Khurram Mustafa
Khurram Mustafa 2015.12.19 20:15  

Hello, Hope you are fine. With reference of your request you will find History centre by Tools menu in Mt4

I think whatever the broker is.. Mt4 will be same for all. Please try it I hope this will resolve your search 

Thanh Hong Phuoc
Thanh Hong Phuoc 2015.12.20 00:50  
You can download them from the History Center (From MT4, click F2 or Tools/History Center). On history Center, double click on the pairs you want, choose the timeframe, and then download the data. Hope this is your answer.
Rodrigo Souza
Rodrigo Souza 2015.12.20 01:26  
Thanks brothers.
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