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How to get multiple indexbuffers from iCustom

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Brandsma 2015.12.17 15:51 

Hi there,


When you call the iCustom function to a (custom) indicator, somehow like this ->


TrendDirection = iCustom(NULL,0,"_trend", 0,1);


You get only 1 indexBuffer from inside the indicator.. But what if you want more data from the indicator? Lets say indexBuffer1, indexBuffer2, indexBuffer3

Could you do 

TrendDirection2 = iCustom(NULL,0,"_trend", 0, 2);
TrendDirection3 = iCustom(NULL,0,"_trend", 0, 3);


I wonder if the indicator gets 're-run' again, so practically you would run the indicator to many times and create loads of overhead.

Is that theory correct? 

/****** INDICATOR ******/
int start() {
      int    counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();
      int limit=Bars-counted_bars;
      if(counted_bars>0) limit++;
      for(int i=1; i<limit; i++)
         MA2= iBands(Symbol(),0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,0,i);

 The real question is: Is it safe to 'repeat' the iCustom function, to retrieve different indexBuffers?


Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein 2015.12.17 17:27  

Hi Brandsma, 

your iCustom request is wrong.

TrendDirection2 = iCustom(NULL,0,"_trend", 0, 2); //asks the same index buffer at candle 2 (current -2)
TrendDirection3 = iCustom(NULL,0,"_trend", 0, 3); //asks the same index buffer at candle 3 (current -3)

This is the correct request for buffer 2 and 3 

TrendDirection2 = iCustom(NULL,0,"_trend", 1, 0); /asks the buffer 2 of the Trend Indicator on candle 0 (current)
TrendDirection3 = iCustom(NULL,0,"_trend", 2, 0); //asks the buffer 3 of the Trend indicator on candle 0 (current)

Please keep in mind that the index buffer count starts with 0  


You can use as many iCustom requests as you want.

A simple MA or any other standard indicator isn't very complicated and quick to calculate.

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