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Unable to download certains indicator for MT4

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patoushka 2015.11.22 15:37 

I use Wine to run MT4 on my Macbook. When I try to download an indicator whit the new Download button found on, the website asks if I already have MT4. I click yes and nothing happen. I think it is supposed to open mt4 and download the indicator. But, because of the emulator, MT4 is not opening. The old way of downloading indicators with the right click works fine for me.

My question. How can I download and install those new indicators manually? 

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.11.24 03:34  
patoushka :

Hello, the market only through the metatrader platform .... the code base can download normally.
woris 2015.11.24 14:07  

Same to me, I run MT4 on Wine (Ubuntu) and want to install an EA (Complete Order Entry) but I can't install it through the Market because "Market" is not shown in my Terminal.

The "Code base" doesn't show this EA because it is a Panel and in Code Base you can't switch like in Market to search for Panels. Anyone who knows how to solve this?

Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein 2015.11.24 15:37  

The market functions are based on the Internet Explorer engine. 

And all Metatrader platforms are designed and developed for Windows platforms.

None of you knows which unpleasant side affects this WINE/MT4 combination will bring during real trading operations.


The most simple and ingenious solution for all this stuff:

Use MT4/MT5 on Windows and all these problems will disappear...

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.11.24 19:20  
Daniel Stein :

Certainly, to use all the features metatrader use it always in the native OS ... This is a fact and there is no doubt.
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