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"Signal - subscription/renewal prohibited" error

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cherubrocker 2015.11.13 18:00 

Any assistance appreciated on this! When attempting to subscribe to a signal (i.e. hitting 'Subscribe' on or through the terminal) I am first prompted to enter my mql5 password in the terminal window (i.e. where the signal is described, the charts showing the singal's performance appear, etc.). However, when I submit the password the "Do you really want to subscribe?" pop-up where I am to agree to the terms of service, etc. does not appear (as I understand it should) and the follow error appears in the Journal : "Signal - subscription/renewal prohibited" and I am not able to subscribe or otherwise proceed. My account with my broker is live, funded and otherwsie functioning fine by all indications.

A separate, but perhaps related question: is there any reason that, when logged into my brokerage account, the 'Signals' terminal window only lists signals that are hosted on my broker's servers (Oanda)? For some reason I am not able to see the full list of signals in the MT4 terminal when logged into my live trading account (and I understand as a general matter signals should work across brokers without issue).

Any insight/guidance on the above very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2015.11.14 02:00  
I'd suggest it's a broker issue. Not all brokers allow signal subscriptions. I've not heard of a broker limiting to only signals running on their servers but I guess it's possible. Please contact your broker
Khurram Mustafa
Khurram Mustafa 2015.11.19 15:08  

Not all brokers allowed signals subscriptions,

i think you have to contact your broker and asked for signal subscriptrion, he will help you beter than us 

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