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Question about CopyClose,CopyHigh,CopyLow...

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meiti 2015.11.12 15:29 

Hello everyone!

I have been working with metatrader for few weeks now and i noticed that it saves the tick data ( bars, asks, bids etc.. )
and  different timeframes are in different category. By that i meant that if you go into past while having daily candles then it only downloads daily candles and save them. You won't get 1min, 5min, hour etc... data, am i correct?
There's also possibility to import tick data by pressing f2.
While exploring that feature i made those observations what are below.

That got me thinking and little confused about how CopyClose,CopyHigh,CopyLow etc functions work.

I must confess that i haven't had chance yet to work with those functions but now i'm at that part where i should start.

I'm sure it's possible to test it out on my own yet don't have any great ideas how to besides the ways what consume alot of time so i came here to ask you.

Where are those function getting the data?
Do they download, read data from computer 'MT history database' or both? ( I'm using MT4 )


Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.11.12 15:34  

Press F2.

it comes from history center.

meiti 2015.11.12 15:54  
Thank you for the fast reply. 
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