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Lawson Okukulabe
Lawson Okukulabe 2012.05.05 09:44 

Hi,I need clearification in these my suspicions. I have an EA that works very well according to specifications and signals.But to my greatest surprise it fails to take some clear signals when they appear and some other times it picks signal for SELL and enters BUY trade instead.Can brokers input "something" into their platform to cause EA to trade opposite?can bugs or brokers influence an EA not to trade (skip a trade(s)) when there is a true signal which it had been trading already.

Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2012.05.07 16:11  
Likely it is bug in your EA. You should check it to be sure. If you won't find an error in the code, you can write to Servicedesk, please.
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