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US500 historical price data request

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Markusque 2015.10.23 15:00 

Hi all,

I'm looking for the following historical price data as older as possible:

 - E-Mini S&P500 and future Dax (GER30) - 5 min - 15 min - 30 min

It could be good if they are for the last 2 years.

Thank you in advance


Snelle Moda
Snelle Moda 2015.10.23 16:13  


Do you want the data in Excel? Most brokers have only a few months of M1 to M30 available for index futures. The rest is compressed in H1 or day bars.

If you want a longer time period, you have to collect the data yourself.

I use a script to collect M1 data of the German DAX in Excel.

Or you have to look on sites like Reuters (paid) for history data.

Markusque 2015.10.23 19:18  

Hi Snelle,

thanks to answer me.

I hope that someone has a database and they can provide this data to me. It can be good just to receive data about the last two years.


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