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Screenshot only taking the RHS of the graph after Navigate

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gr101 2015.10.19 21:19 


I'm trying to take a screenshot of the 680th bar (see below).

When I run the code  below on the chart the screenshot does not navigate to the -680th position. It takes a screenshot of the chart as it is when you open the chart.

If I step through the code (leaving a break point on the ChartScreenshot line) it does move the chart back to the -680th position... however the screenshot reflects it from Bar[0].

ChartSetInteger(0, CHART_AUTOSCROLL, 0, false);
ChartSetInteger(0, CHART_SCALE, 0, 3);
ChartNavigate(0, CHART_END, -680);

bool result = ChartScreenShot(0, "MyFile_right.jpg", 400, 400, ALIGN_RIGHT);

Any ideas what I need to add or amend?


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