ChartScreenShot/WindowScreenShot does not display indicators on chart

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Hey guys, 

I trust you are well, I would really appreciate if someone can help me. I have tried using both ChartScreenShot & WindowScreenShot to take a screenshot of my chart, however, the screenshot does not have any of my indicators on them, this is when back testing my strategy. 

Interestingly, when I open the chart, on the strategy tester, I can see the indicators on the chart. When I run 


from my EA then it clearly says there is 3 indicators on the chart, also 

PrintFormat("Indicator names: [%s][%s][%s]", ChartIndicatorName(0,0,0), ChartIndicatorName(0,0,1), ChartIndicatorName(0,0,2));

Lists the 3 indicators. 

However, when I take a screenshot, I don't see the indicators. Can anyone please help me. 

Also just a note. I've applied a chart template to my EA, by naming the template the exact name as my EA, however the indicators are not visible. Even tho they are visible on the template. 

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