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How long does it take to see subscribers for signal

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mohammad shafiq
mohammad shafiq 2015.10.13 13:24 
I have received payments for 2 of my signals but when i look at the signal subscribers it still shows zero, how long does it take from a subscriber making a payment and subscribing to the subscriber being visible in the signals stats?
Aleksey Pak
Aleksey Pak 2015.10.14 10:31  
How paid subscriptions are charged? What will happen if a free subscription becomes paid?
When subscribing to a paid signal, the required amount of money for the entire subscription period (week or month) freezes on Subscriber's account. But these money are not transferred immediately to Provider's account - provider receives money automatically when subscription is expired. If Provider cancels his Signal, frozen money are returned to subscribers.

If Provider decides to make a free Signal paid, then all existing subscriptions remain active and free until the end of subscription period. After subscription is expired, you will be offered to pay to renew this subscription, which you can accept or reject. Thus, converting free subscription to paid one will not charge your account if you have previously subscribed to free signal.

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