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Run EA on Ubuntu

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Uli Schade
Uli Schade 2015.10.08 17:12 

Dear Folks,

I have a litte problem with MT4 on Ubuntu. I bought an EA with my Account on my Windows PC, because, and I don´t know why, on the emulated ubuntu Version is no Market available. So I took a Copy in the right directory on my Server, based on Ubuntu, and wanted to run it on Chart. Then, the terminal says I have no licence, even I´m logged in on my MQL Account. So i contacted the support and it says there is no way to run an EA on Ubuntu.

But I´m sure, I am not the only one who tried it. I read more than one Time, that are People outside there, who run MT$ on Ubuntu with EA´s. My Question is now: How does it work? How to fix?

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.10.08 19:43  

you bought it on Windows and the product is licensed to that machine with that operating system you can not just copy it to another machine or to another machine running different OS.

if you really want to run it on the other machine you would have to contact the seller and ask if he is willing to code a personal EA for you that is verified by account number, and not OS.

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