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Community's perspective of the signals

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Isauro Martinez Tamez
Isauro Martinez Tamez  

Hello everyone, I'm certainly curious about your experience with signals and what do you think about them, specifically I have identified several categories that have been controversial throughout the time I have spent in checking signals and its reviews, so tell me what do you think about:


A) High growth signals?

1. High growth means high risk right? so is it true that a lot of people in the mql5 community prefers to take the risk as long as it doesn't hit 100%? / Which drawdown do you expect/accept from the signal provider?

2. High growth signals with 100% profitable trades

3. High growth signals with less than 5% drawdown

4. High growth signals with a lot of deposits over time

B) 100% profitable trades signals or profit factor over 25.00.

1. With high drawdown(>30%) 

2. With low drawdown but a lot of deposits over time

C) Average signals (Let's take those that usually make 10%/month)

1. High drawdown (More than 30%)

2. Low drawdown (Less than 10%)



And besides my statistics what is a high or low drawdown according to you? 

mohammad shafiq
mohammad shafiq  

Unfortunately most subscribers want very high growth - to achieve this you have to have high risk there is no way around it- the idea is that the high risk signal wiil grow and you withdraw continuously before it eventually blows up which it will.

The slow steady growth signals do not get subscribers because they grow slower and therefore are also safer- taking lower risks----

generally I would advise people to only follow signals where the trader has a lot to lose if the account performance drops or blows up, these traders do not derive their income from subscriptions and have more to lose if the account blows up- so accounts with good balances around 4000 dollars plus- not cent accounts

Waseem Raza
Waseem Raza  

30% is normal DD and without taking this you cant work in Forex.  With 30% DD your able to recover losses or strategy works like this and if DD crossing 30% then its goes danger and sometimes hard to come back. 

Mostly subscriber consider subscription fee and they are right if trades not recovering this then useless work but  working with a signal with low deposit  then subscription also useless.

To work in Forex a standard balance is 1000$  and it is not possible that it will turn 2000 in 1 month , some peoples does it  but  if 3 peoples turned 1000 to 2000 then 100 peoples starts following this.     

I have been studying the signals for some time and have become aware that we don't see a fair representation of blown up accounts published on this site as they are usually removed.

I'm keen on learning how often this happens as I would like to try a strategy where I share out $5000 dollars amongst 5 high risk - high profitably signals, using the same brokers as the signal's publisher. Deciding my risk mangement strategy and when to withdraw a profit I imagine will be crucial to any success.

Although I have studied trading to the best of my ability I'm humble enough to know I need some good advice from people who have more experience than me.

Although I am keen to invest some real money, I would love to hear what an experienced trader thinks of my proposed strategy...
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