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How to prevent from calling closing position on each tick twice

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gierqs 2015.09.11 00:16 

I wrote a simple EA and I have a big problem

I want to call on each tick closing position when profit is generated, but I have a serious problem with closing position only once

Sometimes ticks are generated too fast and function generates signal to close position twice

I want to have this call from each tick, but I don`t know how to prevent calling twice closing position due to too short time between ticks and when function close position finaly

Also I have a block in my EA, which on each tick generates opening a new order when I have loss position and generating automatically heading positions with calculated lots

Problem is the same, I have twice signals due too close ticks

Please help enyone


obay 2015.09.11 20:13  

If you use the standard class CTrade, try .SetAsyncMode(false).

That causes the CTrade object to use OrderSend() instead of OderSendAsync().

Without sourcecode nobody will be able to help you further.

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