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How to trade with multiple mt5 accounts

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Hello everyone!

I would like to trade with multiple accounts. But it isn't possible to instal MT5 a few times so you can use it for every account.

Only Instaforex has got the multiterminal but this is only available for MT4. How to solve this problem?

Or is it possible to instal a new MT5 in a new created folder:


copy program folder c:\program files\Metatrader 5   to   c:\program files\Metatrader 5 - 1  and rename terminal.exe in the new folder to terminal1.exe

and repeat this for each account you'll use


Is this a good possiblility or are there any other possibilities for this?


Thanks is advance 

Documentation on MQL5: File Functions / FolderCreate
File Functions / FolderCreate - Documentation on MQL5
Andriy Moraru
Andriy Moraru  

Installing multiple MT5 instances is possible. Just do it in different folders.
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