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Have you noticed that EX5 files are gradually becoming fully functional applications in MetaTrader 5?

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.03.12 13:00 

First, we implemented various graphical objects and provided them with interactivity. It was a big step up from MetaTrader 4.

Then we added graphics and sound resources through the #resource directive (see Use of Resources in MQL5.) This allowed to pack resource consuming images directly into the final file. Thus we became much closer to real programs.

A lot of solutions for MetaTrader 4 were available in a variety of control panels. Unfortunately, their general view was often very bad in terms of design features and positioning. It became clear that separate indicator subwindows were required for panels, which would also allow to control them.

This idea resulted in the appearance of the #property indicator_height XXX parameter for specifying the height of an indicator window in pixels and the IndicatorSetInteger(INDICATOR_HEIGHT,XXX) method for managing it. So now you can construct active panels within indicator subwibdows with adjustable size.

After that we released the Standard Library and support for sprites in BMP files, using which you can now easily build well-designed interfaces. With the object oriented approach of the library, the development of interface programs is now simple as never before. Library is similar to MFC; read more details about it in the article "Create Your Own Graphical Panels in MQL5".

No doubt, with the standard library of interface objects, the earlier held Best Graphic Panel competition would have had completely different results.

Our next step was the inclusion of the directive #property icon "icon.ico", which allowed to add standard icons to EX5 files. In the next version of the terminal we will include an easy integration for viewing the features of EX5 files to implement easy and convenient overview for these programs.

We've also been consistently moving to our main goal - creation of fully functional well-designed convenient-to-distribute applications for the MQL5 Market. The goal was achieved - we have launched the Market, solving many technical issues at the same time.

Many innovations are yet to come to give even more opportunities to traders.

And now we invite you to use these new features, create interesting programs, use and publish them in the MQL5 Market!
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