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How to see our agents PR ?

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Hell-Seo 2012.03.10 17:31 


I cant see my agents PR.

How can we see it?

Hell-Seo 2012.03.10 19:12  

Ok ! I found how to check it (It's from our profile here on, in agent section).... The problem is that i dont see any agents.

Everything is working greate here localy. I can use many agents from different computers i have here but i can not see anything on my profile in this website.

Is something i'm missing?

Note that i forwarded ports in my router also and opened firewall port in computer.

Your help is appreciated!

Alexey Petrov
Alexey Petrov 2012.03.12 08:33  
Hello, agents appear in profile once they have been used from the MQL5 Cloud Network. Check if you enabled both options on the MQL5 Cloud Network tab in MetaTester.
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Download MQL5 Strategy Tester Agent installer to join MQL5 Cloud Network distributed computing system.
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