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Mt5 Backtester does not show my indicators

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Filip 2015.08.24 23:57 

Hi Forum ,

im trying to use a simple MACD example Advisor.  During the visual backtest I would like to see some indicators like OSMA and Moving Average... therefore I saved a normal chart with these indicatores attached with the name of my Advisor.

When I start the backtest, the seperate windows of my 2 indicatores are showing up, but they are empty ! No data at all in there...

After testing a lot around , I dont have an clue whats going on here, thanks for help !



Filip 2015.08.26 23:03  

ok i got it , first I used an OSMA indicator which was not part of the system. Dont know where I got this indicator , but it seems to have some problems , the original OSMA from MT5 works fine.

The next is, if i start the backtest and changed the checkbox by an oversight to "indicator" , the result is the same: the osma keeps blank during the backtest....

Anyway now it works ....

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