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Backtesting MT4 vs MT5

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Which one is better for back testing accuracy with expert advisers?

My expert adviser is used on the minute one timeframe for 8-15 pip take profits depending what the average true range calculations are on my expert adviser.

I have heard that MT4 cannot back test multi time frame expert advisers accurately yet metatrader 5 can very effectively.

I have seen different results from mt4 strategy tester and mt5 strategy tester results.

I want to know what other peoples experiences have been so far.

From my knowledge MT5 strategy testing is far superior in every way.

What are your thoughts?

- forexmm

Erdem Sen
Erdem Sen  
i dont know if accuracy does matter between two (all OHLC data are known), but i experienced some difficulties in both platform while using algorithms based on tick data directly. i guess the tick simulation is not realistic enough...
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