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EAs doesnt work?

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kerso4 2015.08.18 23:57 

Hi there forum,

I have tested my EA on the backtester visual mode, and it draws indicators, marks i have assigned to different patrons, but then on real time mode, does nothing, it doesnt run.

 anyone has an idea of what could be happening? 

thanks in advance


Trinh Dat
Trinh Dat 2015.08.19 03:01  
See error on Experts log or Journal Log.
kerso4 2015.08.20 16:25  

Got my logs but seems like no error happened.

Besides i found the part of the code which doesnt work:

conf=MessageBox("Accept the opening?"+TimeGMT(),"COMPROBATION",MB_YESNO);
if(conf==6){ticket = OrderSend(mrequest,mresult);printf(__FUNCTION__,":",mresult.comment);conf=7;}

 thats the part, i does work without the MessageBox().

Any ideas?

I was trying to do a semiautomatic trading, any other ideas?

Thanks in advance 

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