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(bug) Crash in the MQL Editor using the Watch windows (inspecting strings parameters)

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Jin 2010.03.07 10:59 


I created a function that contains one parameter of type string and several other arguments of diferent types (like double, bool, etc), and everything was going fine.

Then I  included another parameter of type string to this function signature. After this modification, I started to receive an error of the type "Access Read Violation", and sometimes the editor simply crashes, disapearing from the screen.

Trying to discover what I did wrong, I realized that even with an simple function that takes 2 strings as arguments,  when you try to inspect the content of these arguments using the Watch window, this crash always happens.

Please help me. Thanks. 


void OnStart()
   string str1;
   string str2;

   str1 = "Crash when using the watch window";
   str2 = "with a function that takes 2 arguments of string";
   Dummy(str1, str2);

void Dummy(string &a, string &b)
   Print(b);   //<= breakpoint here

Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2010.03.08 09:47  
Thank for your message. We are fixing it.

Ilyas 2010.03.08 12:16  


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