Optimization creating false results becuase of chart template used

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Hallo Traders....

Does anybody know which chart template (*.tpl) is used during optimization process?

I always thought it should be "tester.tpl", which is by default used during one-off backtesting.

Well, this is quite interesting (and frustrating) and it may influence dramatically final optimization results.

Using the same input parameters for your EA, the one-off backtesting may be completely different form the same pattern used in optimization.

One of my EA uses horizontal line (OBJ_HLINE) to describe some levels. While backtesting, this line has been attached into my “tester.tpl” chart template and everything works fine.

The problem is with optimization. I have noticed, the optimization process does not use this chart template and simply can not see it.

Does anybody know the reason why?

Has anybody any idea at all, why optimization is often so much different from a single backtesting?


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