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(bug) Variables with wrong values in the Watch window

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Jin 2010.03.07 01:50 

To Development team of MQL5 ,

It seems that the Watch window is showing wrong values of variables that I am passing as arguments to a function.

For example:

void OnStart()
   double q = 0.5;
   double p = 1.2;
   Dummy(q, p);

void Dummy(double qty, double price)
   Print(price);     //<= breakpoint here

Even though in the Experts window the variables qtd and price are printed corretly, the Watch window is showing a wrong value to price; in this case, 7.748383280539996e-62.

Could you please, check it out?


Ilyas 2010.03.08 12:17  

Thank you for message. Fixed, wait for updates.

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