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MyDream 2012.02.16 03:29 


What I can do when MACD_TIMEFRAME in optimizing returns a 16385? Does mean 16385 minutes? It equal to 273.08 hours, and 11.37 days.

How can I use this number?

Can any body help?


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.10.21 13:19  

If someone comes here, :

It should be noted, that in MQL5 the numerical values of chart timeframe constants (from H1) are not equal to the number of minutes of a bar (for example, in MQL5, the numerical value of constant  PERIOD_H1=16385, but in MQL4 PERIOD_H1=60). You should take it into account when converting to MQL5, if numerical values of MQL4 constants are used in MQL4 programs.

To determine the number of minutes of the specified time period of the chart, divide the value, returned by function PeriodSeconds by 60.

Migrating from MQL4 to MQL5
  • 2010.05.17
  • Sergey Pavlov
This article is a quick guide to MQL4 language functions, it will help you to migrate your programs from MQL4 to MQL5. For each MQL4 function (except trading functions) the description and MQL5 implementation are presented, it allows you to reduce the conversion time significantly. For convenience, the MQL4 functions are divided into groups, similar to MQL4 Reference.
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