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Copy trader EA on signal account?

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Dave 2015.06.23 23:11 


Is it possible to use a copy EA on a subscribed signal? I want to copy trades on a demo account that has a signal subscription, and then use the slave on a live account so I can use the lot size that I want, and not the author of the signal.


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.06.24 12:50  

It's against the Signals rules.

VII. Termination of Service without Prior Notice in Case of Serious Violations of Terms of Use

Copying, selling, distribution, transmission or other actions directed to using the Signals for purposes other than intended, unless otherwise permitted.

JD4 2015.06.25 04:15  
If they subscribed to the signal, is it really a copy of a signal though?  Wouldn't that be covered under the 5 uses they have?  Or is that the EAs that do that that I am remembering?
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