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Indicators: HL Cross Signal for WPR

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HL Cross Signal for WPR:

The HLCrossSig for WPR is considered as a trend indicator, since it is intended for "catching" trends. However, it's a pretty complex and informative indicator that allows excluding the psychological and emotional influence from trading.

This indicators shows levels for opening positions, setting stop levels, Trailing Stop and Take Profit, what leaves no doubts for a trader whether to perform a deal or not. Avoiding psychological and emotional influence in trading is a key factor for getting a profit on the market.

Displayed elements of the indicator:

  1. Up and down arrows are signals for opening the corresponding positions;
  2. Circles on crosshairs are points for placing initial Take Profit;
  3. Dots are used for confirmation of determined trend. If the price continuously breaks through the levels of these points, one should keep the position as long as it is possible. If points represent a "corridor" for a long period, it is time for fix the profit.;
  4. Diamonds are limits for placing Stop Loss and Trailing Stop.

The HLCrossSignalForWPR indicator

Author: Nikolay Kositsin

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