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Put Restriction For IB on EA?

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Azrul Mustapa
Azrul Mustapa  


I want to ask about restriction.

I have addon restriction for acc number and acc name holder. Is it possible to add restriction IB for that EA?

Let say i referred clients to signup under my IB and as bonus I will give my EA for personal use for their account only (restriction acc number). But my broker allow traders to change their IB without create new account.

So to prevent my clients change the IB, is it possible to put the restriction that clients under my IB only can use the EA?

Thank you.

Jian Chen
Jian Chen  
You may have a try to check the ACCOUNT_SERVER or ACCOUNT_COMPANY with the AccountInfoString() function, then do the restrictions.
Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban  

I'm doing IB as well.

What I'm doing is the following ...

- I coded a simple EA to send to client to put it on his chart. it will reveal most of account specs including ...

account number,  name, broker name,  balance, leverage, min lot, .stop level, ...  

- Client send me a screenshot of the chart.

- According to the screenshot and my offer, I can know if the client satisfy my requirements like min deposit  or

is his account in my IB list or if he is an EA buyer then I can know if my EA is suitable or not for his account.

- Upon the info I got, I send the EA licensed to work on only that account number.

if you want a copy of this simple EA (mq4) to change it to your custom needs, please PM me.  

Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban  

Sorry, my last post will not serve you the way you are looking for.

i think, you got an other alternative or maybe two alternaties ...

- Send EAs restricted to the account number and a period of time like 3 months. Update the period for

an other extra period when needed as long as you still see that account is still producing commission for you.

- The other alternative which I don't prefer, is to use  dll file linked to to your database in your  server to switch on

and off for any account you want. Few weeks ago I find a professional website doing such thing but the bad news

is that you need to send them your source code to do the dynamic link library file out of it. it costs something around

$450 to 500 as I remember. 

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