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kbellare 2015.06.02 21:24 

I'm new to MetaTrader, and am looking for a hosted platform that supports auto-trading and strategy development/testing/optimization of futures (CME, CBOT, etc) in an IB account.

 - Can MetaTrader and the hosted MQL service be used for this?  I realize it's popular for Forex, but not sure if the programming environment and backtesting/optimization supports Futures constructs such as Tick Size, Point Value etc which are used in my systems.

 - Can MQL5 and MQL4 both support this?  Which one do you recommend?



Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.06.02 22:29  
MT5 can be used for Futures without problems, your difficulty will be to found a broker that provides the instruments you want to trade.
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