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Indicators: Linear Momentum

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Automated-Trading 2015.05.29 10:02 

Linear Momentum:

Simple implementation of physical calculation of Momentum.

Author: Totom Sukopratomo

Evgeniy Inkov
Evgeniy Inkov 2015.08.02 18:31  
It is a pity that no one understood the genius of your idea ...
kkphantom 2015.08.12 11:51  
Really Genius.
Peejay Lal
Peejay Lal 2015.08.26 16:03  

Could you please make MTF indicator with magic number to upload 1M, 5m, 30M, 1H, 4H, W, M in sub-windows beneath the main chart as I want to compare the momentum levels.

I also want to compare 10-year, 5- year levels by putting 120 Monthly bars and 60 monthly bars in the indicator.

That's why I want magic numbers so that I can use many indicators of different time frames at a time.

I think it is not possible to overlay in one sub-window so a group of sub-windows have to be used for comparing multi year trends like the picture 

Elias Abdallah
Elias Abdallah 2015.10.23 18:27  
congratulations for the simple and clean idea and indicator. 5 stars.
Edward Huble
Edward Huble 2015.11.29 06:30  
very good indicator
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