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Sergio Gelli
Sergio Gelli 2015.05.25 23:58 
I'm using OpenSuse Linux with KDE and MQL5.

As everyone knows, to change the colors of an object, simply click two times on it and a window appears that lets you change their properties.

Just click on the point indicated by the arrow, will appear a color palette, just choose the color will change.

Using MQL4 and LInux OpenSuse, it works perfectly.

But, using MQL5 and Linux OpenSuse, the color column is disabled.

And you can not change the colors in the properties window.

I can do something about it, or is it a bug MTL5 unsolved?

Thanks in advance

Sérgio Gelli

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.05.26 18:37  
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