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Indicators: TrailCD

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Automated-Trading 2015.05.21 16:16 


The indicator shows convergence/divergence of the fast and slow trails.

Fig.1. The TrailCD indicator

Author: Nikolay Kositsin

pt0ps 2015.09.19 23:42  

This indicator it's perfect to wpr helper! Unfortunately my mt5 have a problem... it's show the upshot only when i change the timeframe.

If you create an indicator with TrailCD and WPR, it's a perfect indicator, can't take fake signals because simply show the unbalanced movement of price for make a choice. 

Please, prove to insert the trailCD set 3,7 and a WPR 7 in timeframe m1...should be simply perfect, would indicate the only moment for enter at the market.

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