Newbie Questions About EAs for MT4


Hello All,

 I am new to programming and have a couple of easy questions.

 1. Is it better (or even possible), to have one EA scan for conditions and make trades on many pairs, or do I need a chart window for each time frame?

2. I read somewhere it is possible that if you have two EA's running at the same time that it will mess them up? Does it shut down them down or leave open trades? Whats the best way to prevent that from occuring?

3. Is there any way to program into one EA or EA for the whole account to pull the plug and cancel all other EA's and close all positions if losses get to x dollar amount? Simply just a kill if somefreak thing happens and 19 out of 20 trades I have open hit x much dollar losses?

 Any help would be much appreciated.





1. I think it's a matter of choise.

2. Every order (or position) has a parameter named "Magic Number". This is to differentiate orders  from different EA's, so every EA to work with orders created by itself. At least that is the idea. But every EA or script can be made in a way to work with all orders. You need to know if your EA uses Magic Number to filter own orders or do not use Magic Number and works with all orders.

3. Yes. Just do not filter positions by their Magic Number.