How to use, or is it possible to use the Gann fan PROPERLY in Meta Trader 4?

Forex Trader
Forex Trader  

I know the principles of the Gann fan and it's angles, but it seems impossible to get some reliable results in the MT4 charts. For example the 1x1 line in the Gann fan is based on a 1x1 square between price and time. This seems to be impossible because of the auto scaling, because this changes the proportions between price and time as time goes by.

If possible to use the native Gann fan tool in MT4 the way the Gann fan is supposed to be used, what zoom level should be used on bars and candles?

Thanks, Laurus 12

Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran  

its been ten years and we are now dropping to it.

I also face the same problem.

If you have a solution,

please do share with me.