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Sqlite Experience

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I hope to get some advise from those who had used mql5 with sqlite.

I created a wrapper which run successfully as a standalone, running in a dos prompt.

But when tried to run via mql5, it seems that it is unable to read or write under MQL5\Files folder.

I am running on Vista and run terminal.exe on both normal and administrator rights to execute the sqlite reader, but was still unable to do this successfully.

Could it be some issues on the mql5 dll import functions and mql5 file access security?

 Lastly, is it possible to have a Collections or List Objects to be returned from DLL to mql5 which both can understand and interact with?


Thank you! 

Ionescu Mihai Florin
Ionescu Mihai Florin  

I'm interested too in a wrapper for MQL4 or 5.

So many wrappers on official site, but I don't know which one would work, and I don't know how to create a wrapper dll myself.

So i'm interested in some opinion about how to use SQLite on MT4 and/or MT5. 

Alexey Da
Alexey Da  

Try to read this article (

Could you explain your problem with reading/writing in MQL5? Have you any example?

Practical Application Of Databases For Markets Analysis
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Working with data has become the main task for modern software - both for standalone and network applications. To solve this problem a specialized software were created. These are Database Management Systems (DBMS), that can structure, systematize and organize data for their computer storage and processing. As for trading, the most of analysts don't use databases in their work. But there are tasks, where such a solution would have to be handy. This article provides an example of indicators, that can save and load data from databases both with client-server and file-server architectures.
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